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Food Storage

It is crucial to store food effectively to maintain its quality and longevity. Our food containers for commercial catering meet that need, with items from gastronorm-sized plastic containers and food storage bins to airtight food containers, jam jars and trolleys for moving containers from top brands Vogue, Rubbermaid and Cambro.

Stainless steel gastronorms

Our huge range of gastronorm containers offers the combination of convenience and durability required in all commercial kitchen equipment. They can be used for all sorts of purposes, including cooking and presentation.

Insulated food delivery bags

The perfect option for fast-food establishments that provide a delivery service. These cleverly designed bags are heavily insulated with high-quality materials to help keep food at the ideal temperature when in transit.

Insulated pizza delivery bags

Ideal for establishments that deliver hot food, this range of insulated bags is designed for transporting pizzas and other foods. The specially designed bags minimise heat loss in transit, ensuring that food arrives piping hot.


These products, which conform to HACCP standards, provide a storage system for the transport of gastronorm 1/1 sized prepared food. They are designed to keep food at the right temperature for longer, from 40°C to 120°C.

Cambro food storage

Choose from our durable foam-insulated food carriers suitable for transporting hot or cold food. Front-loading provides easy access, with an airtight removable gasket for a secure seal. Use these with a dolly for easy transportation.

Rubbermaid catermax

These insulated food carriers, with a serpentine seal and innovative thermal protection, keep food at an optimal temperature for hours. The easily cleaned smooth plastic resists scratches, and a swivel handle aids carrying and stacking.

Food storage trays

Our food storage trays are the ideal option for bakeries and supermarkets, allowing them to easily, conveniently store and transport freshly baked bread and other types of food. Covers and dollies are also available.

Food storage boxes

Plastic food storage containers are great for food delivery services. We stock a huge range of containers, especially for the effective delivery of larger quantities of food, including stacking food trays and mobile food bins.

Storage containers

These square and circular break-resistant containers offer compact storage. They are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe in a temperature range from -40°C to +100°C. Airtight, colour-coded lids allow easy identification.

Ingredient bins

These robust polypropylene ingredient bins from Vogue are easy to transport and feature clear sliding lids for easy access and identification of contents. A large range of sizes caters to your specific cooking requirements.