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Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Refrigeration is an essential part of food storage in the catering industry. We offer a wide selection of refrigeration products from the world’s leading manufacturers, including high-performing fridges, meat fridges, freezers, counter fridges, back bar coolers, food display merchandisers, blast chillers/freezers, ice makers, prep counters, sushi cases, chest freezers, cold rooms, wine coolers and multideck displays.

Blast chillers

Able to cool food quickly and safely, blast chillers are an essential part of adhering to food hygiene regulations. These powerful shock freezers let your food retain its taste, texture and nutritional value when cooled. 

Ice Makers

Having an ice maker will ensure a readily available source of ice, whether you need chips, cubes, flakes or crushed ice. With top brands such as Polar, Ice-O-Matic, DC and more, there’s a great-quality ice machine for every use.


As one of the most important appliances in the modern professional kitchen, it is essential to have high-quality fridges. This selection includes a wide choice of commercial fridges for universal refrigerated storage.


This selection encompasses a wide variety of catering freezers geared towards high-performance use in the professional kitchen. This massive range of commercial freezers is perfect for use in such establishments.

Meat fridges

A meat fridge ensures ultra-precise temperatures, aiding excellent food hygiene when storing steaks, fillets and other cuts of meat. As such, a meat fridge is an essential chilled storage option for many businesses.

Glass door fridges

Glass door display fridges have multiple uses in a commercial catering environment. They are perfect for showcasing products to customers or out on the shop floor, or as a self-service cabinet for cold drinks or snacks.

Glass door freezers

Glass door freezers provide a fantastic option for presenting frozen food for sale. From high-capacity glass door chest freezers to stylish freestanding versions, there's a top-brand display freezer to suit every business.

Back bar coolers

Bottle coolers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your business. Make sure your bestselling products are perfectly and deliciously chilled, as well as attractively displayed, with a professional beer fridge.

Counter fridges

Expand your workspace with a high-quality commercial counter fridge. Offering the benefit of rapid access to chilled drawer or door storage, these reliable appliances help you optimise the use of space in your kitchen.

Counter freezers

In a commercial kitchen, counter freezers provide space-saving frozen storage. They are ideal for placing in key areas and helping to speed up operations. All our models are hard-wearing and easy to use.

Prep counters

These counters are a great space-saving option for prepping food such as salads, sandwiches or wraps. Professional saladettes are ideal for saving you time and keeping ingredients accessible and at a perfect temperature.

Low fridges

Low fridges are ideal for making the most of every inch of your kitchen. Designed to offer generous internal capacity while being sturdy enough to support heavy appliances, these fridges make for must-have items.

Low freezers

Great for expanding the effective working space in your kitchen, low freezers are designed to offer impressive internal capacity while also supporting the positioning of appliances such as griddles or mixers.

Under counter fridges

An under counter chiller makes a great commercial fridge when space is at a premium. With a compact design and energy-saving efficiency, these versatile units are ideal for smaller kitchens or sites that need vital space.

Under counter freezers

Our huge selection of under counter freezers are an ideal frozen storage appliance for when space is at a premium. Under worktops, bars or any busy prep area, they provide a great space-saving option.

Food display merchandisers

With stylish designs and efficient lighting, these universal coolers keep your products highly visible and at the perfect serving temperature – making sure you can offer customers deliciously chilled food and drinks.

Refrigerated servery

These universal serveries with a glass surround are ideal for showcasing cooked meals, delicatessen products and sandwiches in cafes, bistros and shops. Finished in stainless steel and available in different sizes.

Sushi cases

These appliances are great for safety and for attractively displaying raw fish products. Ideal for front-of-house use, they keep sushi at a perfect serving temperature and deliciously fresh and tasty.

Wine coolers

Wine coolers ensure that your wines are stylishly displayed to maximise sales, as well as being kept at the perfect serving temperature and providing high accessibility. Perfect for bars, hotels, pubs and clubs.

Medical fridges

A premium selection of medical fridges is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of pharmacies and laboratories. Ideal for the storage of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Multideck displays

A huge selection of large capacity display fridges and multideck chillers make a great choice for service stations, sandwich shops and more – helping to maximise sales of grab-and-go chilled foods, drinks and snacks.

Serve over counters

Ideal for canteens, takeaways, delicatessens and other similar specialist food outlets, reliable serve over counters let you showcase chilled and ambient produce openly to customers, helping to maximise sales.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers provide a versatile and high-capacity storage option, making them ideal for a wide variety of businesses. For maximum space efficiency, commercial chest freezers also include worktop-style lids.

Cold rooms

Available as a walk-in fridge or freezer, cold rooms are great for storing vast quantities of chilled or frozen ingredients. If you have space, this is often more cost-effective than using many separate upright or counter fridges.