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Cooking Equipment

We know how essential it is to equip your kitchen with the most efficient, reliable catering appliances available. With that in mind, we provide first-rate microwaves, convection ovens, electric/gas combi ovens, bakery ovens, gas ovens and ranges, boiling rings, tables and hobs, fryers, toasters, panini grills, chargrills, salamander grills, sous vide, induction cookers, infrared cookers, rice cookers, pasta cookers, waffle makers, crepe makers and bratt pans.

Commercial microwave ovens

These commercial microwave ovens are designed for cooking, reheating, defrosting and steaming food. Our range of ovens offers both high-quality and variety, with models from well-respected brands such as Panasonic, Buffalo, Merrychef and Menumaster.

Convection ovens

Our convection ovens promise fast and efficient cooking at lower temperatures. We offer a huge variety of professional and commercial convection ovens, including a patented fan-assisted heating mechanism that ensures food is evenly cooked.

Combi ovens electric

Combination ovens are considered among the most versatile cooking machines in the professional kitchen, readily enabling you to roast, bake, steam or reheat large amounts of food. Different sizes suit from small cafes to busy restaurants.

Combi ovens gas

We have a vast choice of heavy-duty gas combi ovens, all designed for everyday professional use. These multifunctional ovens can cut labour costs and boost productivity in your commercial kitchen. Suitable for baking, roasting, steaming and more.

Bakery ovens

Our range of professional and commercial convection ovens eliminate “hotspots” with their patented fan-assisted heating mechanism. And they can be used for the production of large quantities of confectionery products, such as pies and pastries.

Accelerated cooking machines

As the pinnacle of technology for speedy cooking, accelerated cooking machines use a combination of microwave, convection and infrared heating to ensure piping-hot, delicious food. This is up to 15 times faster than conventional cooking.

Boiling rings, tables and hobs

Our commercial hobs and boiling rings are ideal for pot, pan or wok cooking. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can cook with a single countertop electric boiling ring all the way up to eight burner free-standing hobs.

Gas ovens and ranges

A commercial gas oven needs the capacity to cope with intensive use on an everyday basis. Choosing from our range of gas ovens, you can ensure that you find the perfect appliance for your individual commercial cooking needs.

Electric ovens and ranges

Our ranges combine the capacity and convenience essential in all commercial kitchen equipment. The high-capacity oven is designed to roast, bake and reheat, while our powerful hob surfaces can fit multiple pots and pans for frying or boiling.

Dual fuel ovens and ranges

The harmonisation of gas and electric ensures that your professional kitchen has a variety of cooking options. Our equipment is provided by well-known and respected brands, ensuring that it gives you a high-quality output.

Induction cookers

Induction cookers give you a rapid, energy-saving method of cooking. Our cookers are the perfect choice for providing great functionality and versatility, while minimising the danger of working with appliances at scalding-hot temperatures.

Infrared cookers

An infrared cooker provides the perfect means for quickly and effectively cooking nutritious, healthy meals. Designed to enable constant commercial use, our selection is available in different sizes and capacities to meet a range of needs.

Free standing fryers

Whether you’re frying potatoes, chicken or doughnuts, our selection of quality fryers ensures the best results. You can choose from gas or electric, and from single or double fryers for making great-tasting deep-fat-fried food.

Countertop fryers

Our selection of top-quality countertop fryers provide user-friendly operation, alongside powerful and reliable commercial performance, whether you’re frying chips, chicken or doughnuts. Essential appliances for any commercial kitchen.

Griddle plates

Our heavy-duty griddles come in both gas and electric models from well-known brands such as Lincat, Falcon and MKN. Easy to clean and use, and offering a stable environment, they are ideal for preparing meat and fried foods.


Using our excellent chargrills, you can ensure your dishes have an authentic barbecue taste while cooking indoors. Whether you need a countertop or free-standing model, there’s lots of choice – providing ideal options for the professional chef.

Panini and contact grills

If you want to make some exciting changes to your menu, a panini or contact grill is the perfect solution. Our range of options meets your individual needs for all sorts of food, including paninis, sandwiches, meat, fish or vegetables.

Salamander grills

Our hugely versatile salamander grills allow you to cook, reheat and warm dishes without using valuable space in your primary appliances. A wide selection is available, with models from top brands such as Lincat, Buffalo, Thor and Falcon.

Pasta boilers

Our electric commercial pasta boilers aid rapid service by quickly boiling water for cooking and reheating any type of pasta. Gas and electric models are available with variable temperature controls. Ideal for busy restaurants, takeaways and canteens.

Sous vide

Bring out the great tastes in your kitchen with our sous vides. Our products are perfect for retaining flavour, vitamins and nutrients, and will give you the ability to control the level of boiling in any professional kitchen.


If you need to make toast on a commercial scale, it's vital to have a reliable professional toaster. Our vast selection of catering toasters includes models from top brands such as Dualit, Rowlett, Waring and many more.

Conveyor toasters

Designed to be user-friendly and reliable, these powerful rotary toasters produce highly consistent, perfectly browned toast time after time. They are the perfect choice for self-service breakfasts in hotels and cafeterias.

Rice cookers

For making large quantities of rice, a commercial rice cooker is ideal for saving time and producing fantastically consistent results. Whether you run a canteen or a takeaway, this selection includes a professional rice maker for you.

Waffle makers

A professional waffle maker is the perfect machine for producing high-margin, deliciously crispy square or Belgian waffles. This range includes single or dual-plate waffle irons from top brands such as Neumärker, Buffalo, Dualit, JM Posner and Roller Grill.

Crepe makers

Offer your customers a delicious and varied selection of pancakes with a crepe maker that matches your individual commercial needs, choosing from a gas or electric model. Perfect for the busy cafe or mobile caterer.

Steam ovens

These ovens offer a great option for safely preparing main food. Our assortment includes a variety of models, providing you with the chance to find an excellent commercial steam oven that perfectly meets your individual needs.

Food smokers

Food smokers are ideal for adding great flavour and a traditional touch to your menu. Our hot and cold commercial smokers are each equipped with precision control, and guarantee you evenly smoked, great tasting food.

Commercial barbecues

From classic gas and charcoal barbecues to highly efficient ceramic grills, our selection of best-selling, high-performance portable barbecues is sure to include a grill or griddle that will be a perfect fit for your event or catering requirements.

Charcoal ovens

Safely bringing professional barbecuing indoors, our charcoal ovens offer efficient cooking without the need for electricity or gas connections. Whether you’re cooking meat, fish or vegetables, these ovens deliver deliciously juicy results year-round.

Rotisseries and hog roasts

Add drama and excitement to any event with a professional hog roast machine. Designed to perfectly cook mouth-watering spit-roasted pork, lamb, beef or chicken, these powerful machines are great for the mobile or outdoor caterer.

Bratt pans

These appliances are designed for the biggest, busiest establishments, allowing huge quantities of food to be cooked in a variety of ways and help ensure a diverse menu. We offer gas and electric models to cater to your requirements.

Boiling kettles

Ideally suited to any busy professional kitchen, commercial boiling kettles help to make large-scale bulk cooking both swifter and easier. Boil pasta, simmer sauces and cook stock with these heavy-duty appliances from Falcon.