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Servery and Display Machines

Ensuring that cooked food stays hot and ready to eat is clearly crucial. So we offer top-quality equipment to achieve this, including heated tops and lamps, bain-maries, salad bars, soup kettles and warmers, chafing dishes, heated cupboards, heated display units, chip scuttles, pie cabinets, plate warmers, food warmers and heated display units. All of these appliances are optimally designed to cope with the busy demands of a commercial kitchen.

Soup kettles and warmers

The perfect merchandising option for soups, chilli, curry and mulled wine, our range of soup kettles provides great servery options for busy professional caterers, whether part of a permanent fixture or for mobile catering.

Bains marie

Bains-marie warm multiple foods ready for service all at once, with wet or dry heat options available. Soup kettles are ideal for busy professional caterers to keep soups, stews or mulled wine lovely and warm.

Chip scuttles

Chip scuttles are designed to provide a hygienic means to keep your freshly made chips. Ideal for maintaining crispy chips and other fried foods at a tasty serving temperature for extended periods.

Electric food warmers

Keep your dishes hot for service with our range of electric food warmers, providing variable heat settings to maintain meals hygienically. Available with ceramic or gastronorm bases alongside heated gantries for even warming.

Pie cabinets

Providing both a welcome space for displaying your pies and a hygienic, secure place for freshly baked food, our selection of pie cabinets includes multiple useful additions, such as water reservoirs, crumb trays and adjustable shelves.

Heated display units

With stylish designs and efficient lighting, these heated display units ensure your products are kept at a perfect serving temperature and humidity, and are highly visible. You can use them for desserts, sandwiches or pica.

Hot cupboards

A high-quality hot cupboard means optimal hygiene for your meals, and is perfect for busy catering establishments. Our range of equipment includes models from top brands such as Buffalo, Lincat and more.

Food warming drawers

Keep your meals warm at a stable temperature until they are needed. These appliances are available in both static and mobile models, and make an ideal and effective addition to busy catering establishments.

Salad bars

Great for self-service and assisted service, salad bars are an excellent means for hygienically displaying stock. Available chilled, ambient or heated, our units from Roller Grill and Parry are gastronorm-compatible.

Service stations

Built for events and ad hoc catering, these food service stations are mobile and allow guests to stand and mingle while they eat. They also let people see fresh ingredients being made into meals, encouraging impulse buys.

Banqueting trolleys

Banqueting trolleys are perfect for mass catering events. Whether for a wedding or a conference, these mobile hot cupboards bridge the gap between front and back of house, keeping plated meals ready to serve.

Plate warmers

Keep plates warmer for longer, increase your meals’ shelf life and boost your profits with a commercial plate warmer. Ideal for takeaways and high-service caterers, these can keep plates ready for up to 45 minutes.

Heat lamps

Choose from our range of infrared heat lamps, perfect for appealingly displaying dishes at buffets and counters. These are available in various colours and styles to complement your business aesthetic and ambience.

Hot dog machines

Prepare high-margin hot dogs with our selection of rollers, steamers and warmers, ideal for use in both mobile and static catering. These machines are visually appealing, tempting customers and encouraging impulse buys.

Hot plates

Our selection of static and portable hot plates will keep your finest buffet and carvery food fresh, attractive and warm for serving customers. These are provided by leading suppliers, including Buffalo, Caterlite and Victor.

Chafing dishes

Our selection of traditional, induction and electric chafing dish sets are ideal options for mobile catering, and for outdoor use and events, as well as liquid and gel chafing fuel tins and soup kettles.

Chocolate fountains

A professional chocolate fountain can make all the difference in special event catering. Available in a variety of sizes, stylish chocolate cascades can form a centrepiece in large spreads or part of an all-you-can eat buffet.

Ice cream dispensers

Produce high-margin ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet using one of our commercial ice cream makers. With freestanding and tabletop versions available, there are machines to suit both stationary and mobile catering.

Candy floss machines

A perfect addition to a summer day, candy floss is a timeless treat. Ideal for outdoor caterers, cinemas and retro-style cafes and restaurants, these devices can produce masses of sweet candy in minimal time.

Popcorn machines

Commercial popcorn machines are fantastic at making salt or sweet popcorn. Designed for frequent use, they can produce high volumes of delicious popcorn, and are perfect for use in theatres or cinemas, or at festivals.