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Blast Chiller/Freezer WBC20-S3 Williams

Williams blast Chiller/Freezer WBC20-S3

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Product description

Williams’ blast chillers can reduce the temperature of hot food from 90°C to 3°C in just 90 minutes. The advanced Airsmart system cools in three directions simultaneously, ensuring even chilling and eliminating dehydration time after time. Even delicate foods are cooled without damage and maintained in the best possible condition. Designed to operate efficiently in ambient temperatures up to 43°C, the WBC20-S3 is guaranteed to work as hard as you need it to.

Product features:

  • Capacity 20kg
  • Dimensions 1290(H) x 707(W) x 804(D)mm
  • Dimensions - insulation 75mm
  • Power Type 13A
  • Refrigerant R404a
  • Temperature Range 90°C to 3°C
  • Weight 139kg
  • Blast chills from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes
  • Heavy duty, non marking swivel and brake castors
  • 6 x 1/1 GN capacity (pans not included)
  • Easy to use, 1-2-3 state of the art control panel - 3 simple steps to initiate a blast cycle
  • Designed for efficient and effective performance in 43°C ambient environments
  • Choice of soft and hard blast chill cycle
  • Unique airflow design to ensure even chilling and maintain high quality food and freshness
  • Clear LED displays for time and food probe temperatures - keeps you in control of any product load
  • Environmentally friendly ODP zero foam insulation for excellent thermal efficiency
  • Self closing doors fitted with Easy to clean and replace magnetic balloon gaskets
  • Barrel locked doors for added security

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