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Catering Equipment Advice

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Catering Equipment: How to Choose It and What to Look For

When planning to open an eatery and set up a business, a major concern is the choice of the correct Catering equipment The range of professional equipment available on the market is truly large. However, before making your choice, you should talk to more experienced colleagues, look for advice available from the experts in this field, become familiar with the characteristics of the equipment in question, ask the manufacturers about recent innovations and read the manuals.

The following are the main criteria that experts will advise you to look into:

  • The characteristics of the eatery in question
  • The size of the cafeteria or restaurant
  • Professional reputation of the manufacturer
  • Comfortable operation and easy maintenance of the equipment
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Catering Equipment According to the Type of Service

While thinking about and looking for the best choice of equipment, you should give serious consideration to the space available in your future restaurant, the prospective number of customers and the size of your kitchen staff. The specifications of the equipment you purchase should largely depend on your kitchen space, its size and its layout. Each and every piece of equipment should have a place where it can perform its functions to the maximum. However, do not overreach: for a restaurant that is likely to be less busy, you should look into purchasing less powerful dishwashers, burners, refrigerators, etc. On the other hand, those who expect to have a higher flow of customers should choose heavy-duty equipment. Otherwise, the lower efficiency of the equipment and insufficient staff will mean that you fail to manage the workload, and your customers will be forced to wait longer for their orders and will leave your eatery unhappy. On the other hand, equipment that is too powerful will result in a lower profitability for your establishment.

You should also keep in mind the nature of food you are planning to cook and serve to your customers. If you are planning on opening a vegetarian restaurant, you are unlikely to need equipment for chopping and mincing meat. If you have chosen to serve home-made cheeses, you will obviously need a cheese-making machine. When equipping a bakery, you should not cut corners on the quality of your heavy-duty ovens. Likewise, if you are planning to serve pizzas, you should invest in purchasing high quality pizza-making equipment. Naturally, the widest assortment of equipment should go into larger restaurants that are expecting to serve everything from simple meals and exotic cuisine, to vegetarian food and meat dishes.

Most restaurant managers already understand the benefits of well-chosen kitchen equipment; therefore they are willing to invest increasingly larger amounts into its acquisition. However, some restaurant managers need exclusive solutions, which can only be offered by the manufacturers and distributors of specialist equipment.

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All Catering Equipment from a Single Supplier

Another piece of advice from the experts which should not be dismissed is acquiring all of your equipment from a single supplier. If you choose one and the same seller, you will know who to address any questions, should they arise; or in the event of trouble, the supplier will always be available to help you. Therefore, you will be able to deal with any problems quickly and easily, without further headaches.

Furthermore, when you purchase equipment from a supplier with a solid reputation in the market who can offer you a wide range of products, you will be sure of acquiring a professional-quality product with a warranty, instead of buying a cheap no-name substitute. This is because the larger stores often represent the most famous global manufacturers. Large specialist stores can offer yet another benefit, which is the possibility to receive advice or consultations alongside information about the various novel features and training on how to use the equipment, to assemble it and to get it ready.

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Catering Equipment and Convenient Operations

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. It is the place where meals and heavenly delights with enchanting flavours are born. Therefore, chefs and culinary experts must have adequate working conditions and tools. Only then can you expect to have happy customers who will gladly return, and only then will you achieve an efficient performance with lower time and energy costs.

The equipment that you acquire for your restaurant should not only meet your direct requirements in performing its functions, be it dishwashing, pizza-baking or coffee-making, but it also should be convenient, safe and easy to operate. Besides this, your devices should be easy to clean and maintain.

In order to ensure a convenient and efficient performance, you should pay considerable attention to the placement of your equipment in the kitchen, and to making sure it is properly lit. If necessary, you should train your staff to operate the equipment properly and safely.

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Quality of the Catering Equipment

When considering the quality of the equipment, one simple rule should be always followed: a high-quality restaurant must have high-quality equipment.

The manufacturers of professional equipment, with the help of the most modern technologies, never stop striving to perfect their products; therefore the quality of the food created with such equipment is not only higher, but the performance is also more efficient and expedient.

It should also be noted that professional Catering equipment differs to a large extent from the household equipment that is used at home. A major difference lies in its size and capacity. Even the largest household will never cook as much as any restaurant or coffee shop. Therefore, the specialist professional equipment must be extremely durable to process these huge amounts of food, as well as being more efficient and unlikely to break. Also, the professional equipment must be economical in terms of saving electricity, water and other costs.

Another equally important indicator of the quality of professional Catering equipment is the original material it is made from. Firstly, it must strictly meet the hygienic requirements and quality standards. In addition, it should be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance; it should be moisture and heat-resistant, as well as able to process large amounts of food while maintaining its initial aesthetic appearance.

Naturally, you will always be the one who needs to decide whether to buy costly high-quality equipment that will serve you for a number of years, or to invest in equally-functional but cheaper versions that will need to be replaced every three to four months. Even in this case, in order to save costs, you should not concentrate only on how to buy cheaper equipment, but rather on how to use it more reasonably.

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