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Winterhalter warewasher UCLENERGY Winterhalter

Winterhalter warewasher UCLENERGY

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Product description

With an elevated height this Winterhalter Undercounter Warewasher can expect to fit most kitchen utensils found in small to medium sized kitchens as well as glasses and crockery, making for a single comprehensive washing unit. This convenience is extended by the machine's highly customisable wash settings which give you complete control over heat, time and rinse power for your choice of quick, economical or dynamic performance. Heat recovery technology is cleverly integrated throughout the device to minimise energy loss and save on running costs with every use.

Product features

  • Capacity 32 glass racks/ 28 dish racks/hr
  • Dimensions 810(H) x 600(W) x 600(D)mm
  • Output 800 glasses/hr or 504 plates/hr
  • Supplier Model Number UC-L-ENERGY
  • Temperature Range 60°C -85°C
  • Weight 64 kg
  • Integral steam heat recovery system for reduced running costs and improved working environment
  • Integral detergent and rinse aid containers and pumps
  • Special programmes available - Eco, quiet, short, intensive
  • Touch screen controls for easy use
  • Animated operating instructions and washing tips
  • Variable wash system allowing individual control of time, power, temperature and dosing on each individual wash cycle resulting in the best possible wash result
  • Display adjustable to 26 different languages
  • Self cleaning programme
  • Integrated hygiene and operating logbook
  • Full flow filtration with tank cover, filter cylinder, pump inlet filter, cyclonic water filter system and water condition sensor
  • Large entry height of 404mm to accept oversized items for washing
  • 500x500mm square wash basket. Minimum requirement of 1.5 bar incoming water pressure

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