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Roller grill cast iron electric griddle PSR 900E Roller Grill

Roller grill steel electric griddle PSR 900E

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2 Years Parts & Labour
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Roller Grill
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PSR 900E
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Product description

Built around a sturdy steel plate giving a solid cooking platform for cooking burgers sausages bacon fried eggs etc. Smooth stainless steel plate gives direct heat transfer to your food making the cooking process quicker and healthier integral wall on the sides and rear of the plate gives a secure area to cook and hold your food. Three independently controlled heating zones the Incoloy heating elements are designed give even heat across the plate so there are no cold spots.

Product features:

• Front drainage tray
• Cooking area: 900mm x 400mm
• Temperature range: 40 - 300°C
• Electrical loading: 9kW 400V 3N~
• 900mm x 475mm x 230mm
• Power on light

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