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Sammic veg prep machine single phase CA301 Sammic

Sammic veg prep machine single phase CA301

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Product description

Powerful and immensely versatile, the Sammic CA-301 vegetable prep machine brings up to 450kg of fast, reliable vegetable preparation an hour - a true kitchen time saver. Simple and safe to use, the Sammic veg prep machine uses a robust 370W motor to make short work of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and many more ingredients. Using a combination of discs and grids (sold separately), you can prep in up to 70 different ways using this heavy duty machine.

Product features

• Dimensions 544(H) x 389(W) x 405(D)mm
• Voltage 230V
• Weight 21kg
• Unit with single phase 1-speed motor (365rpm), supplied with a plug (requires no hardwiring)
• Bundle supplied with no discs (-ND), contact us to special order specific discs with your order
• Universal attachment includes an inlet for long vegetables, along with a separate inlet (136cm squared) for larger items
• Up to 450 kg/hour output
• Stainless steel construction and highest quality material, all suitable for contact with food
• Lateral product ejection, which means the appliance occupies less work space
• Electronic, user-friendly control board
• Easily removable lever and lid for cleaning purposes
• Ergonomic design that allows to cut the product in just one effortless movement
• New production technology that gives a uniform, highest-quality cutting result
• The large range of Sammic discs and grids (sold separately) allows the operator to obtain over 70 different styles of cut
• NSF-International certified appliance (complying with Hygiene, Cleaning and Food Material regulations)


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