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VITO 50 oil filtration unit V50 VITO Oil Systems

VITO 50 oil filtration unit V50

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VITO Oil Systems
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Product description

A simple and effective way to reduce your cooking oil costs, the innovative VITO 50 oil filtration unit can reduce your oil consumption by up to 40%. Suitable for most freestanding gas and electric fryers, simply place the unit into the oil whilst it's still hot and let it run for a short 3-5 minute cycle. Oil is cleverly micro filtered and imperfections are removed, making food better looking and tasting in comparison to non-filtered oil. Easy to use, clean and maintain.

Product features

  • Capacity 50Ltr
  • Dimensions 400(H) x 116(W) x 75(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Output 500W
  • Weight 8kg
  • Suitable for all free standing gas and electric fryers up to 22 litre capacity
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Reduce your oil consumption up to 50%
  • Improve bottom line profit
  • Filters oil in 5 mins
  • Improve the apperance and quality of your fried food
  • Manufactured in Germany CE Approved
  • Filter your oil whilst its hot no need to let it cool down
  • Risk assesssment paperwork included

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